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Illmuran Lentim Camp

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A place that will allow you to truly connect with nature and have an authentic African savanna experience. The camp is located on the border of Masai Mara with uninterrupted, sweeping view of the Mara. It is a small private camp created with the goal of giving guests a comfortable yet wild nature experience, creating environmental awareness and providing employment opportunities for local communities.

The camp is unfenced in order not to restrict the movement of wildlife. We strive to show that wildlife and humans can co-exist side by side peacefully.

Il Muran Lentim Eco-Camp was born from a dream and passion for Masai Mara by Praba and Antony. After traveling to many remote places and spending extensive period of time in the Mara, it is a place that captured Praba’s heart and soul and it is not only her happy place, it is also a place that sets her soul on fire. She fell in love with the land and the incredibly kind and generous Masai who live in Mara. She established a business partnership with Antony and decided to use her hotel management and travel industry experience to establish Il Muran Lentim Eco-Camp.

Antony, who was born and raised in the Mara, is also known as a “man of the wild”. Antony is also an incredible guide with an uncanny ability to spot wildlife. He is an avid conservationist and believes that Masai Mara must be protected at all costs. It has been a lifelong dream of his to establish an eco-camp on this beautiful land owned by his family. He enjoys showing flora and fauna of his beloved Mara and does it with a great sense of humor.

We strive to provide a true wild nature experience and create awareness that wild places such as Masai Mara still exist and nature is worth protecting. We believe working with local communities is imperative in protecting the fragile eco-system of Masai Mara. Just like the name of the camp, Il Muran Lentim which means wildlife warriors in Maa language, we believe the incredibly kind and proud Masai are the true wildlife protectors and the camp is fully staffed by locals. It is our way of ensuring that local communities’ benefit from their land and wildlife.

We are striving to minimize our carbon foot print and in the process of obtaining eco-certification. We strive to use recycled materials wherever possible. The camp is solar powered, wood floors and furniture were made using reclaimed wood.

We hope to provide a place where guests are saturated in nature and leave feeling invigorated. We understand that this incredible place is not only our home, but also home to all wildlife in the area so we respect their rights come and go as they please, our warrior guards will ensure that all are safe.


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Illmuran Lentim Camp Kenya

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