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Tembo Masai Mara Camp

Available Rooms

Small Tented Camps

Tembo Masai Mara was founded by Jackson Naurori Empapa out of the desire to share his great knowledge of the Masai Mara National Park.

Being one of the best Masai guides trained in Nairobi, he will put his exceptional skills to spot wildlife at your service during the game drive he guide..

His great experience and his ability to anticipate action sequences allow Jackson to meet the most demanding needs of wildlife photographers, including very notorious ones.

A dream has come true and is worth sharing.

Everything by Tembo Masai Mara Camp  is aimed at making your stay comfortable and convenient.

The camp is located in the very heart of the Masai mara reserve, very close to the main spots for animal watching. This will enable you to take full advantage of the gorgeous sunrises, as soon as you leave the camp at 6:00 am, as well as enjoy sunsets since you can stay in the park till 7:00pm.

You will probably come across cats, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, elephants, flaming birds, birds of prey, and luckily, rhinos and the off road license included in all our fares will give you the opportunity of a closer wildlife approach legally

All our vehicles are 4×4 land Cruisers specially designed to fulfill your requests (opening roofs, wide lowered side openings allowing photographing almost at animals height). Full day game drives can be arranged.

On arrival, Jackson will assess with you your expectations in order for you to make the most of your stay at Tempomasaimarasafari.

Although located in the middle of the bush, the accommodation conditions are very comfortable:

– 4 very spacious tents with electricity and European plugs, hot water showers and washbasins, and flush toilets

– A large dining and resting tent, including a place dedicated to photo editing

-A chef and very willing staff ready to assist you to make your stay better


The electricity for tents and camp lighting as well as water heating is provided by solar panels, with a back up generator to cope with any possible failure. Each tent has its own autonomous led lamp to keep animals away. Although each tent is fully equipped, we highly recommend that you bring your own torch (either head or pocket one) to cary around with you at all times especially at night.


The camp is settled in a truly wild territory, so everyone should behave according to some basic safety rules. Our camp is not fenced, so wild animals can be moving around especially at night.In the evening, once the lights are turned off, you should stay in your tent until next morning, when one of our night guards will allow you to go out at dawn (around 5.30am) after checking all the surroundings.Make sure to close your tent any time you leave it, to keep animals away. Consider by no means getting out the camp on your own during the day, let alone at night

Children must be under permanent supervision and must NEVER move alone around the camp. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to stay in the camp.

Game drive

Visitors are allowed on the tracks from 6am till 7pm, that is roughly from sunrise till sunset. The camp location in the very heart of the Masai Mara Reserve will allow you to make the most of the opening hours of the park, without any unnecessary drive to reach the main spots for animal watching.

You will thus be able to leave the camp at 6:00 am, after an early morning wake up with a cup of coffee or tea served with biscuits. You will have your full morning breakfast in the bush, later in the morning, at a time convenient for you and your guide.

Generally speaking, you will be back to the camp for lunch around 1 pm and will leave back around 3:30 pm in order to be back at 7 pm at the latest.

Full day game drives, on which you don’t come back to the camp for lunch, can also be arranged, provided planed with your guide the day before at noon at the latest, so that lunch boxes can be ready in good time.

All our game drive vehicles are 4×4 Land Cruisers specially designed to fulfill observation and photographic needs (opening roofs, wide lowered side openings). An off road permit is included in all our fares, giving you the opportunity of a closer wildlife approach, legally.

Nevertheless, one should also refrain from harassing wildlife and avoid over crowding animals.  Thus, your driver is the only one entitled do decide to drive off road, depending on the situations encountered.

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