Masai Mara has just lost one of its legendary lions, ‘Lipstick’ as he was called died the night of 19th May from injury sustained last year during a fight with some other male lion around Double crossing area. He never came out of his injury despite being treated twice by the vets. His death now leaves his comrade, Blackie to take care of the Ridge pride, which rules the Topi plains. This may not be good for Blackie as he can easily be routed out by nomadic males that are looking for opportunities to take over a new pride. The younger cubs too are at risk, should a take-over happen soon. New male lions that come into a pride, will kill young cubs sired by former males, so that they may start to pass their own genes.We will keep you updated on this pride

Lipstick in a photo taken in February 2018 on Topi plains, where despite his injury, he was still looking healthy.