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Balloon ride

Taking a balloon ride is a treat that many people hope to do, and it’s certainly a memorable experience, although not ideal for game viewing or wildlife photography. The hot-air balloons, launched at dawn after a noisy and spectacular inflation process, carry a dozen or more passengers for about an hour in a southerly direction across the reserve, at a height of anything from a few metres to several hundred metres above the plains. The best flights follow the course of the Mara or Talek rivers, allowing you to peer down into the forest, skim past vultures’ nests and watch the monkeys’ early-morning routine. By 7.30am, the balloons are dropping down onto the plain for a bush breakfast and sparkling wine, followed by a game drive back to camp. The price is from around US$500 per person and flights are best booked in advance. There are a few balloon companies in Masai Mara, namely;

  1. Mara Balloon safaris- Governors camp
  2. Adventures aloft- Fig Tree Camp
  3. Hot Air Balloon- Talek Gate
  4. Trans-world Balloon- Mara Serena/Mara Safari Club
  5. Skyship balloon co.- Near Kichwa Tembo camp
  6. Balloon safaris- Near Tipilikwani
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