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Family Safari Package


A family Holiday safari can be an enjoyable holiday unlike any other. A chance to see animals of all kinds in beautiful natural environments. To experience African cultures and share real adventures together. When we design a family safari holiday we take you into the heart of wildlife viewing location, nothing like what you find in package holiday brochures. You’ll fly by small plane into remote places, stay in small luxury camps and lodges surrounded by beauty and wildlife. Have fun with expert guides who’ll take you on adventures you’ll remember for ever. One minute you’ll enjoy a family of baboons playing, chasing each other through the trees, then watch spellbound as twenty elephant drink and hose themselves at the river’s edge. Mostly, you will experience this with just you, and your guide. We also arrange visit and interaction with local communities children for a cultural exchange. The children can also be atke through some obstacle course and other child friendly activities, that will keep them busy while you read a book , swim or just taking a nap.